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Swift Current Creek Flood 0 Verified

13:00 Apr 16, 2011

This is a little video of the creek right now in my hometown. It is higher now!

Swift Current, Saskatchewan

URGENT flood advisory from SWA 7 Verified

09:38 Apr 16, 2011

URGENT flood advisory from SWA (Buffalo Pound Lake through to Manitoba including Last Mountain Lake)...

Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan

Highway 11 At Risk For Flooding - 5 Verified

09:08 Apr 16, 2011

Major highways in the province, including Highway 11 between Regina and Saskatoon, could be submerged under flood waters this spring. The warning comes...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Lumsden, Cowessess First Nation brace for record flood levels 7 Unverified

21:26 Apr 15, 2011

The Town of Lumsden and the Cowessess First Nation — two communities on opposite ends of the Qu'Appelle River — are awaiting their fate as water levels...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Flood shutterbugs lead to car in water 0 Verified

20:03 Apr 15, 2011

A Saskatchewan motorist found herself in deep water after swerving to avoid another vehicle that had stopped on the side of the highway so the occupants...

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Rural communities get flood protection funding 4 Verified

18:50 Apr 15, 2011

The province approved several Saskatchewan communities for flood protection funding this past week, including areas surrounding Prince Albert. The $22...

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Lumsden to close main access into town due to flooding fears 0 Unverified

18:19 Apr 15, 2011

To battle the rising flood waters, the Town of Lumsden will close the main road into the community starting Saturday afternoon. At 1 p.m. the James Street...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan calls flood risk on Qu'Appelle River 'Urgent' 3 Verified

18:00 Apr 15, 2011

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority has sharply increased its estimate of water levels for the Qu'Appelle River basin — news that has several communities,...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Watching floodwaters rise in Saskatchewan 0 Verified

17:19 Apr 15, 2011

There are years when the Qu'Appelle River is barely a trickle as it meanders through the Wagner family's pastureland and hay fields. But this is a year...

Craven, Saskatchewan

Flood situation gets bleaker in Lumsden as peak flow prediction raised 0 Verified

17:06 Apr 15, 2011

After just a matter of hours the flood forecast is looking a lot more bleak for the town of Lumsden. Located just north of Regina, the town sits at the...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Province denies city flood protection grant 0 Verified

16:52 Apr 15, 2011

The city has learned it won't get more money from the province for Phase 2 of its storm water project and will make up the shortfall from taxes it collects...

Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Regina prepares for flooding 0 Verified

13:50 Apr 15, 2011

The city of Regina is now preparing for the possibility of a 1 in 50 year water levels in Wascana Lake and flowing into Wascana creek. The watershed...

Regina, Saskatchewan

NEW Forecasts for Qu'Appelle Lakes 1 Unverified

13:30 Apr 15, 2011

New lake level forecasts are being prepared and will be released on website this afternoon.

Pasqua Lake

Volunteers needed now! Flood to reach new high within next 24 hours 1 Unverified

12:30 Apr 15, 2011

Flooding along the Moose Jaw River is expected to get a lot more severe before it gets any better and the city is calling for volunteers to help resolve...

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Flood water threatening to cut off main highway between Regina and Saskatoon 5 Verified

12:29 Apr 15, 2011

Rising floodwaters in Saskatchewan could swamp the main highway between Regina and Saskatoon in the coming days. John Fahlman, with the Saskatchewan...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Lumsden declares local state of emergency - Global Regina 7 Verified

11:22 Apr 15, 2011

Lumsden the town just north of Regina has just declared a local state of emergency due to the amount of water that is coming through the town. Dirt has...

Lumsden, Saskatchewan

Rising waters along Moose Jaw River in Wakamow 10 Verified

07:33 Apr 15, 2011

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority has said a number of times that the worst is over along the Moose Jaw River. Residents of Churchill Park and River...

Valley View, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Water over road on Hwy 60 near Pike Lake 5 Verified

01:30 Apr 15, 2011

150ft stretch of road covered with water near Pike Lake.

Hwy 60 near Pike Lake, Saskatchewan

Flooding causes problems south of Estevan 0 Verified

22:06 Apr 14, 2011

The spring flooding concerns of many people in the Estevan area have materialized. Thanks to the substantial precipitation recorded in the Estevan area...

Estevan, Saskatchewan

Town of Radville employees keep the town water supply safe but manning pumps ... - Radville/Deep South Star 0 Verified

19:44 Apr 14, 2011

Town of Radville employees keep the town water supply safe but manning pumps inside the station that was surrounded by flood water.

Radville, Saskatchewan